Straighten your Teeth with Invisalign in Morphett Vale


The name says it all “Invis Align”

Invisalign is a near invisible alternative to conventional braces. Unlike braces, Invisalign works by means of a series of clear ‘aligners’, each one moving the teeth a little to eventually result in the desired alignment of teeth. The aligners are made for every individual case utilising 3D technology.

Before and After Invisalign treatment

Depending on the severity of the crowding or malocclusion will determine how many aligners are required and hence the length of treatment time
Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks, full time, until completion. The aligners are removable and need to be removed for eating, drinking (except water) and brushing.

Invisalign provides patients with an aesthetic alternative to conventional braces.

A big misconception is that braces (of any kind) are limited to tweens and teens. Many of our patients are adults. It is important to remember One is never too old to have a perfect smile, and everyone deserves one.

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