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Why do people choose Clear Aligners/Invisalign?

Clear Aligners/Invisalign are a near invisible alternative to conventional braces.

Unlike metal or ceramic braces, clear aligners/Invisalign are placed over the teeth, with each one progressively repositioning the teeth so that eventually the desired alignment is reached. Clear Aligners/Invisalign are non-invasive and the aligners are impossible to detect when you are wearing them, with each one customised for the individual user.

How are Clear Aligners/Invisalign fitted?

The process begins with an assessment at our dental surgery in Morphett Vale, where we will take digital impressions of your teeth.

These are then used to create your treatment plan and first set of aligners, which are the customised plastic trays that you wear and which gently bring your teeth into alignment over time. Clear aligners/Invisalign are made from medical grade and BPA-free clear thermoplastic, and are placed over the teeth in the same way as a mouthguard.

Your aligners are changed every two weeks, with each new aligner slightly repositioning your teeth further towards the desired position. In order to stay on track, you need to wear your aligners at all times (i.e., for at least 22 hours a day), apart from when you’re eating or drinking.

What are the benefits of Clear Aligners/Invisalign?

For many people who come to Southside Dental Options, the primary benefit of Clear Aligners is that they are more aesthetically pleasing than conventional braces.

Essentially, they help to produce straight, well spaced and healthy teeth without the somewhat intrusive look of conventional braces. This makes clear aligners a particularly appealing solution for adults, as does the fact that the fitting process is simpler and less time consuming than having conventional braces fitted to your teeth.

There are also no dietary limitations when wearing clear aligners/Invisalign (e.g., you can still eat sticky or crunchy foods), and you are not at risk of your teeth being permanently marked, as can sometimes happen with conventional braces.

When is the right time to get Clear Aligners/Invisalign?

There is no set or prescribed time when it is right to get clear aligners — instead, your dentist will advise you on the optimum time based on your particular needs and circumstances. However, our dentists would always recommend seeking treatment earlier rather than later, in order to reduce the risk of ongoing oral health problems in the future.


Common questions about Invisalign

How long do I have to wear Clear Aligners for?

A treatment plan will generally last between 1 to 2 years. Each plan is customised to your specific needs, and your dentist will regularly review your plan with you.

How often do I have to change aligners?

On average, you will need to change your aligners and move on to the next set every 2 weeks, although the precise timing will be determined by the requirements and duration of your treatment plan.

How long do I have to wear my Clear Aligners for each day?

You can remove your aligners when you are eating or cleaning your teeth, but it is recommended that you wear them for at least 22 hours day, including when you are sleeping.

Do I need to come back for checkups?

You will generally need to come in to our Morphett Vale dentist surgery every 6 to 8 weeks to get your next set of aligners, and so your dentist or hygienist can assess how the treatment is progressing. During treatment we would recommend attending your usual 6 monthly dental examinations.

Do I have to clean my Aligners?

It is recommended that you clean your aligners daily to keep them clean and bacteria free. They should always be rinsed with warm water; hot water can cause them to warp or crack.

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